Maintaining Your Driver Job Posts

You might think that writing a great job ad and knowing where to post it online are all you need to attract great drivers, but those steps are just the beginning. To see continued results from your job posts, you need to maintain them to ensure they’re kept up to date and performing effectively. Just […]

How to Prepare for the NYE Application Explosion

Over the last couple of months of 2017, you have probably noticed your application volume decrease from what it was the month prior. As we’ve assured you in previous communications, this is expected, and nothing to cause concern. Given the unique set of data points we have collected over the past eleven years on the […]

Getting Started with Drip: Nurturing Driver Relationships

A successful recruiter understands that the key to recruiting new drivers is taking the time to nurture their driver relationships. However, with a busy schedule, there’s not always time to make every phone call. Rehires are the perfect candidates for a far less expensive Drip campaign Introducing Tenstreet’s fully-automated Drip Marketing service. Drip can easily […]

Why Tenstreet for Your Mobile & Texting Strategy?

A Streamlined Process When it comes to finding qualified candidates, it’s important to stay on top of new technologies and texting is a recruitment strategy that’s on the rise with carriers across the country — about 60% of recruiters are already using texts to communicate with their candidates. When it comes to integrating new techniques […]

5 Reasons To Add Texting to Your Recruitment Strategy

Few carriers these days take advantage of text messages in their recruitment strategy. Smartphones and text messaging go hand in hand, and developing a strategy incorporating both is crucial to reaching untapped candidates and setting yourself apart from other employers. Here are the five biggest reasons you need to implement texting in your recruitment strategies […]

Drip Marketing: A Better Way to Reach Prospective Drivers

Modern Tools Finding qualified drivers is essential to the success of carriers today, but it can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Recruiting departments sink a large amount of money and effort into attracting candidates through traditional advertising methods, which offer minimal results and a limited ability to measure return on investment. Modernizing the tools […]

Drip Marketing & Driver Recruiting

“Re-Applies” & Wasted Advertising If a driver applies to three places, there are two carriers that are not going to hire that driver. Statistically, many of the same applicants that apply to a carrier each month have applied there before. Carriers know that many reapply, but they are often blown away when they learn that […]