Awards: Get the Most Out of Your Tenstreet Investment

Do you ever feel like Tenstreet is a chamber of secrets? Maybe you’ve experienced the nagging feeling that there’s more to Tenstreet than you realize, or that you could be using a specific service more effectively? You have your dutiful account managers and advisors, you read our blogs, watch our webinars, and feel the login […]

Tenstreet: From A to Z

We’ve been in the trucking industry long enough to know that every business has its own problems. Company A might need help finding qualified drivers, while Company B wants a way to contact applicants on their mobile devices. Meanwhile, Company C is struggling with organizing their driver paperwork and Company D just wants a way […]

New Pay-as-you-go Solution for Smaller Fleets

Not all companies are created equal – and that’s a glorious thing in any industry. In the trucking industry, every carrier operates a little (or a lot) differently, and things are in constant flux. And if you have a smaller fleet or are just starting out, you may think that you aren’t a good fit […]

6 Tips to Streamline Your Onboarding Process

Optimizing your onboarding process (hiring & training) to save time and create a better experience for the driver is more important than ever before. A better driver experience means spending less time completing paperwork by hand, and fewer hours sitting in a classroom. The growing trend points to using this valuable time learning about the […]

Referral Codes: Measuring the Effectiveness of Ad Placements

What is a Referral Code? Referral codes are a unique string of letters and numbers used to identify the source of a driver’s application. Why should I use Referral Codes? Xpress will track your applicants using the referral codes you create. These codes help you to evaluate how well a specific ad or vendor (ad agency, […]

Driving Better Metrics with Tagging

Effectively tracking metrics can be one of the most important things that you do for the success of your business. It enables you pinpoint what your business is doing well and where it can improve. Unfortunately, tracking employee and candidate information can be a hassle for any business, and the more you grow, the more […]

New Feature for Xpress Users

We are proud to announce a new tool for Xpress users: Dashboard Alerts. If you need to quickly communicate a message across your user base, this tool allows you to create alerts for announcements, updates, news or anything else. Dashboard Alerts does a great job of disseminating simple messages without interrupting the rhythms of the […]