7 Reasons to Use the IntelliApp For Your Non-DOT Apps

Tenstreet has helped thousands of carriers to streamline their hiring of truck drivers with our groundbreaking application technology. The IntelliApp saves drivers’ data, helping cut application time for busy drivers from hours to minutes while offering carriers a range of features that let them identify their highest-quality applicants, follow up quickly, and complete other pre-hire […]

Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Application

You have one overriding goal as a recruiter – and that’s to find and hire quality drivers. If you’re watching a slow stream of drivers trickle through your hiring process, you may want to make some simple changes that will crank open the floodgates and release a heavier flow of qualified talent. First, make sure you’re […]

Three Powerful Tenstreet Networks to Know

What is a network effect? A network effect is a powerful, positive outcome that exists when a service’s value increases as the number of users using the service grows. One of the most common examples used to illustrate the benefit drawn from a network effect is the invention of the telephone. While people didn’t necessarily […]

Getting to Know the IntelliApp, Part 2: A Deeper Dive

In last week’s blog, we highlighted all of the features of the IntelliApp that make it truly exceptional. But believe it or not, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When it joins forces with other Tenstreet services, it stands even stronger. This week, we’ll dive in a little deeper to learn more about how […]

Getting to Know the IntelliApp, Part 1: Under the Hood

You’re probably familiar with the basics of IntelliApp and what it can do for you. But how much do you know about how it’s working to make your recruiting process more efficient and effective? The IntelliApp, for all its obvious advantages – its ease of use, its mobile-first attitude, its DOT-compliance—is more nuanced and complex […]

Continuation IntelliApp: A New Way to Reach Busy Drivers

Drivers are just like you – busy. Many times when they’re looking for a job they’re doing so with a full load of life on their shoulders and aren’t always able to complete an application in one sitting. That’s where Continuation IntelliApp comes in. Continuation IntelliApp notifies your recruiters of busy drivers who start an application […]

IntelliApp Statistics: A Clear Look Into Your IntelliApp Traffic

If you love visual metrics, then IntelliApp Statistics was made for you. Our IA Stats service provides visibility and transparency into the performance of your IntelliApp through the use of pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs – allowing you to make informed decisions about your hiring process. Getting your data in such a clear […]

Meet the IntelliApps

The Tenstreet IntelliApps have come in many shapes and sizes over the last ten years. We’ve learned the more customizable we make one of our services, the more difficult it can be to understand that service. So we decided to explain our IntelliApp family here in this blog post. The IntelliApp DNA To start, the following are the […]

4 Keys to Better Landing Pages & More Driver Apps

You invest a lot of time and money into driving traffic to your website. Landing pages are a key aspect to converting that web traffic into hired drivers. All of your online marketing should funnel down into a targeted and optimized landing page with a lead form conversion and eventually completed driver applications. But sadly, […]

IntelliApp Now: Hire More Drivers without Increasing Ad Spend

It’s generally accepted that drivers, especially good ones, have their pick of opportunities. The implication for carriers is that they are constantly competing to get drivers to choose them. Depending on the carrier, 75% of all candidates interact with more than one carrier at a time. A Slow Response = Wasted Ad Money Carriers invest […]